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  • 1. Mythical Land, Legal Boundaries: Wondering about Landscape and Other
  • 2. Whose Forest? Whose Myth? Conceptualisations of Community Forests in Cameroon
  • 3. The Land People Work and the Land the Ecologists Want: Indigenous Land Valorisation in a Greek Is
  • 4. Tract: Locke, Heidegger and Scruffy Hippies in Trees
  • 5. Not So Black and White: The Effects of Aboriginal Law on Australian Legislation
  • 6. The Appropriation of Lands of Law by Lands of Myth in the Caribbean Region
  • 7. Mythic Rites and Land Rights in Northern India
  • 8. Politics, Confusion and Practice: Landownership and De- collectivisation in Ukraine
  • 9. The Re- appropriation of Sakai Land: The Case of a Shrine in Riau ( Indonesia)
  • 10. Bounding the Unbounded: Ancestral Land and Jural Relations in the Interior of Eastern Fiji
  • Notes on Contributors