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  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1. The Enlightenment and Euro- American Theories of the Judicial Process 13Enlightened Retribution a
  • 2. From Determinism to Meaning: The Emergence of the Labelling Perspective
  • 3. From Societal Reaction to Questions of Power: From Labelling to Radical Criminology
  • 4. Feminist Perspectives and Critical Criminology 63Feminist Empiricism
  • 5. Lesbian Rape: Maternal Metaphors for the Patriarchal State and International Conflict Resolution
  • 6. Poststructuralism and Positivism in Criminological Theory
  • 7. Social Fiction Sui Generis : The Fairy Tale Structure of Criminological Theory 103Tensions betwee
  • 8. Executive Lawlessness and the Struggle for Democracy in Africa 113What is Crime and What is Punis
  • 9. Radical Criminology in African Literature
  • 10. Committed Objectivity in Race Class Gender Research
  • 11. How Scientific is Criminal Justice? A Methodological Critique of Research on McCleskey v. Kemp a
  • 12. What is Institutionalised? The Race Class Gender Articulation of Stephen Lawrence
  • 13. Criminal Records: The Toughest, the Police and the Thieves: The Policing of Peter Tosh and Popul
  • Conclusion: Beyond Criminological Orientalism
  • Bibliography