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In order to free up enough cap space to retain Carmelo Anthony - [microblogging], New York Knicks continue to clean up the lineup. According to the latest news shows, Phil - Jackson has Andrea - Bargnani put on the shelves.

After all consider Jackson to New York, only to wait for Nike Air Max Plus Cheap the arrival of July 2015 people are wrong. According to news sources revealed that he intends to build a grand vision of a champion team, including Anthony, including more than all expectations.

On Monday, ESPN reported that the Knicks intend to Amare - Amare Stoudemire [microblogging] and Iman - Hong Bert package sent 76 people to free up cap space. And today there Informed sources, the Knicks also peddling Bargnani. It is reported that Jackson had previously rejected a deal programs on Bargnani because he did not want just to free up cap space, and catch Tiny Tim in the deal - Hardaway.

It is reported that, although Bargnani in the past three seasons has played in only 108 games, Jackson still believes he can, without saying good-bye small Hardaway premise, to find a team willing to take Nike Air Max Plus over the Italian champion. Currently Bargnani left on his contract for one year, the annual salary of $ 11.5 million last month, he had refused to carry out of contract options. If Stoudemire and Bargnani were away, the Knicks will save $ 34.9 million in expenses in 2014-15 season, which would make the Knicks on the free agent market this summer and become a strong purchasing power from behind the ball team.

While this has some difficulties, but if Jackson do so, and either a free agent at the same time, either team option for several players, such as Jeremy - Taylor, Lamar - Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown - Toure - Murray, Kenyon - Martin and Cole - Aldridge et al say goodbye to it, the Knicks next season, is expected to make close to $ 40 million in cap space.

Of course, this way the Knicks lineup will become extremely thin, but it also makes the Knicks can renew Anthony, while nike air max plus for sale also have a bright future in the free agent market this summer, this is Jackson's "A Plan." This is also seen as one of the good showing to Anthony Jackson moves previously reported, if the Knicks can not be given to enhance the team's commitment to next season, Anthony will not consider renewed.

It is not clear what the next free agent the Knicks are interested, but according to informed sources, the Lakers [microblogging], Mavericks, Rockets and Bulls and other teams this offseason have plenty of cap space, the goal of Zen is to let the Knicks come from behind.