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Innovative Communities
Perople-centred Approaches to Environmental Management in the Asia-Pacific Region
Edited by Jerry Velasques, Makiko Yashiro, Susan Yoshimura and Izumi Ono
United Nations University Press 2005
PB ISBN 9 28081 116 9
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This book introduces the concept of community innovation and illustrates its role and impact in promoting sustainability. It includes nine case studies from the Asia-Pacific region where communities are adopting innovative methods to address complex and unpredictable environmental problems and promote sustainable development. This often requires new cultures, institutions and governance structures, as well as dramatic changes in people's perceptions, attitudes, roles and behaviours. The authors examine environmental initiatives within the region, including natural resource management, eco-tourism, forest management, solid waste management, and water management. The book offers a rich balance of perspectives from experts in community development, urban planning and local environmental management, as well as community leaders, local government officials, journalists, non-governmental organization representatives and academics. It provides theoretical and practical insights for communities and those who provide support to communities at the local, regional and global levels of governance.
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