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Edited by John Gribbin and Pat Coyne


Essential Classics in Science Vol 1 brings you, for the first time in electronic form, complete and unabridged, seven masterpieces of scientific literature, with an introduction by world famous science author, John Gribbin—Seven books, thousands of pages, for the price of a single hardback.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The book that forever shattered Victorian certainties. Arguably the most influential work of the last 150 years in any discipline.
The Meaning of Relativity
by Albert Einstein.
The definitive work on the subject. Einstein’s comprehensive assessment of his own theories.
The Chemical History of a Candle
by Michael Faraday.
The full text of his Royal Institution lectures, originally given in 1849. Vigorous, imaginative, astonishingly modern in approach, they remain a testament to the greatest intuitive experimental scientist of the 19th century.
Elements of Geology
by Charles Lyell.
The magisterial account of the forces which shaped the earth and the generations of fossils which first gave 19th century scientists the notion that the Biblical idea of creation might be found wanting. Lyell, on Darwin’s own account, was his single biggest source of inspiration. With more than 600 illustrations
An Essay on the Principle of Population
by Thomas Malthus.
The essay, with its eternally pessimistic conclusion that population would always threaten to outstrip food resources, was the key that led both Darwin and Russell to formulate their theories.
Matter and Motion
by James Clerk Maxwell.
Classical dynamics from the greatest theoretical physicist of the 19th century.
The Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russel Wallace. The most famous of all travel books on the islands of the far east, now Malaysia and Indonesia; a literary as well as a scientific masterpiece. Wallace’s discoveries among the fauna and flora of the archipelago led him independently of (and virtually simultaneously with) Darwin to the idea of natural selection.

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