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A compilation of some of the best known works of this great 19th century thinker, socialist and founder of the Arts and Crafts movement. It includes:

  • Politics, Art and Society
    A collection of over 150 essays, lectures and articles, including: The Prospects Of Architecture In Civilisation; The Lesser Arts Of Life; Art Under Plutocracy; Art And The People; Art, Wealth, And Riches; Art And Socialism; Architecture And History; The Aims Of Art; The Revival Of Handicraft; The Revival Of Architecture; Gothic Architecture; The Housing of the Poor; How We Live and How We Might Live; How I Became a Socialist; Socialism and Anarchism; plus many contributions to the magazines Justice and Commonweal
  • William Morris: The Artist
    llustrations of some of the finest examples of Morris’s work in wallpapers, textiles, stained glass and furniture. Zoom in to see the detail.
  • A Dream of John Ball
  • News from Nowhere
  • Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair
  • The Defence of Guenevere and other poems
  • The Defence of Guenevere and other poems
  • The Volsunga Saga
  • The Well at the World’s End
  • The Life of William Morris by J.W. Mackail
    the definitive, authorised 2-volume biography, first published in 1899.

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