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Essential Classics in Politics
SEVEN complete works on CD-Rom for just £25.99

These seven volumes contain the bulk of Chomsky's monumental analysis of modern politics. With what Michel Foucault described as his "relentless erudition", he reveals how the tentacles of US imperialism reach into every corner of the globe.

The CD is published jointly with Pluto Press, publishers of the book versions, and contains:

  • Class Warfare
    Interviews with David Barsamian
  • The Culture of Terrorism
    The scandals of the Reagan years
  • Fateful Triangle
    The United States, Israel and the Palestinians
  • Necessary Illusions
    Thought Control in Democratic Societies
  • Powers and Prospects
    Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order
  • Turning the Tide
    US Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for Peace
  • World Orders, Old and New
    The Western agenda after the Cold War

    eb 0007 ISBN 0 7543 1345 0
    Price £25.99
Please Note: For copyright reasons this CD is not for sale in North America