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Essential Classics in Politics


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Gramsci has long been recognised as the 20th century’s most profound and original Marxist thinker. Now for the first time these award-winning, authoritative texts—
virtually everything currently available by Gramsci in English—are brought to you in digital form by the Electric Book Company. Now you can have every Gramsci reference at your fingertips—for the price of a hardback.

Gramsci's Political Thought: An Introduction
edited by Roger Simon with an introductory essay by Stuart Hall
A lucid, easily comprehensible account of the ideas put forward by Gramsci and their relevance to modern industrial and post-industrial societies. It discusses the concepts of hegemony, the national-popular, passive revolution, ideology, civil society and the revolutionary party.

Selections from the Prison Notebooks
edited and translated by Quintin Hoare and Geoffrey Nowell Smith
Contains many of the key writings by Gramsci including The Modern Prince, and Americanism and Fordism and observations on the state and civil society, Italian history and the role of intellectuals. The extensive introduction and notes set the work in political and historical context and help readers find their way into Gramsci’s thinking.

Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks
edited and translated by Derek Boothman
Brings together Gramsci's writings on religion, education, science, philosophy and economic theory. The linking theme is the investigation of ideology at its different levels and the exploration of the concepts of subalternity, corporate consciousness, hegemony and counter-hegemony.

Selections from Political Writings 1910-1920
selected and edited by Quintin Hoare; translated by John Mathews
Traces Gramsci's development as a revolutionary socialist during the first World War, the impact on his thought of the Russian Revolution and his involvement in the general strike and factory occupations of 1920. It details his reactions to the emerging fascist movement and his contributions to the establishment of the Communist Party in Italy.

Selections from Political Writings 1921-1926
translated and edited by Quintin Hoare
Covers the momentous years of the foundation of the Italian Communist Party, (led by Gramsci from 1924 until his arrest in 1926) the ascendancy of the Soviet Union in the Communist International and the rise of Italian fascism.

Selections from Cultural Writings
edited by David Forgacs and Geoffrey Nowell Smith; translated by William Boelhower
Gramsci's profoundly original approach lead him to devote a great deal of attention to cultural matters. His interests covered literature, linguistics, theatre and other forms of artistic endeavour, both intellectual and popular. This selection contains his reflections on Futurism, the detective novel, journalism, 'national-popular' culture, folklore and much else.

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